Who Has Better Sex?

To say Roger Staubach had an accomplished football career is an understatement.

  • He won the Heisman trophy in college.
  • He has been inducted into the college and professional football halls of fame
  • He is a 6-time Pro-Bowl selection (when that actually meant something).
  • He is a 2-time Super Bowl champion.
  • He won an MVP award.
  • On top of aaaaalll that, Staubach served 4 years as an officer in the Navy.

Despite all his incredible accolades, Staubach wanted to be known as a family man above all else. And he succeeded because he lived it out instead of simply talk about it.

In a 1975 nationally-televised interview, a CBS reporter asked former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach about his well-known reputation as a clean-cut, family man. She wanted to know what most people on the outside of a seemingly happy marriage want to know…

Isn’t it boring?

Doesn’t it get old really fast?

Don’t you eventually just get sick of each other?

Staubach’s response was one befitting his Hall of Fame character,

“Haha, everyone compares me to Joe Namath…off the field he’s a single bachelor swingin’ and I’m a married man with a family and he’s having all the fun…I enjoy sex just as much as Joe Namath! Only I do it with one girl, and it’s still fun.”

Joe Namath was also a famous quarterback who was well-known for his bachelor ways, and still is today at the age of 70. Who do you think has the better sex? Namath uses what he’s devoted to (career, fame, etc.) to have sex with a thousand nameless people. Yet he’s been alone most of his life. Staubach has sex with ONE person but it’s the same ONE person he’s raised kids and grandkids with. It’s the same ONE person he can truly be himself with. Who do you think has better sex?

Staubach’s commitment to a full, joyful life as a one-woman man needs to be re-embraced today:

Anyone can become a womanizer like Namath, notching his sexual belt with conquests. But it takes real courage and commitment to love like Staubach does, to be devoted to another person in the covenant of marriage.

And that’s what God wants, marriages that are created by people who are truly devoted to one another. But being faithful doesn’t necessarily mean you’re devoted. Pastor Darrin Patrick has written,

“You can coexist without loving. Your marriage may look good but not feel good. You may be married but only on a technicality – you are really more in a business arrangement than in love.”

A devoted marriage doesn’t happen over night. But there are some things anyone can begin doing today to move toward a fully-devoted, joyful marriage.

How to be a Devoted Spouse

  • Date your spouse. It doesn’t matter how much money you don’t have or how many kids you do, go on a date night. Regularly. It doesn’t have to be every week. But it does need to be consistent. Get out of the house. Hire a sitter. Eat at Taco Bell. Go out for ice cream. Take a walk in the park – it doesn’t matter! Remember how this was the stuff that was so exciting at the beginning? Keep it going! Some of my favorite moments in my marriage have come on cheap date nights after we tied the knot. If you’re smart like us and have gone through Financial Peace University, never fear. We have an envelope just for Date Night.
  • Stop looking at the menu. Men AND women: If you’re married, you’re no longer available. Neither is anyone else to you but your spouse, so stop looking at other people as if they are. Keep your eyes FIXED on your spouse. In private, don’t watch TV or your phone more than you watch them. In public, don’t look at others instead of them. Study them. Explore them. Learn them. Serve them.
  • Get physical. Sex is great! But there’s also tons of other ways to show your spouse you’re fully devoted to them. Hold hands. Give a hug. Cuddle after dinner. Make out. Gross the kids out. Finding ways to be physical in addition to sex will help your sex life become more meaningful and show your singular devotion.

Your spouse needs you to be more than faithful. Your spouse needs you to be fully devoted to them.

What else would you add to the list?



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