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Thanks in advance for checking out my blog. While the official launch isn’t until tomorrow, I wanted to share a few things in advance:

  • I want to become a better writer this year. That’s my main motivation for this blog. It’s unashamedly for me. If it is worthwhile outside of advancing my skills as a writer, that’s wonderful. However, if it accomplishes that initial goal it will be a success in my eyes.
  • I’ve committed to posting 3 times per week. These will usually come on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Some weeks might have additional posts but I’m not committing to more than 3 blogs per week until further notice.
  • I would love to hear from you. Feedback will help fuel the blog in the future. I’d love to know what connections you see between faith and culture. Leave a comment on the blog or Facebook. Tweet me. Positive. Negative, Whatever. Let’s learn together!


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