Saturday Morning Coffee

Every Saturday morning I make a full pot of coffee, a little more than usual.

Most weekday mornings find me nursing my first cup as I get ready and then filling up a to-go mug on the way to work.

But Saturdays are different. Unless we’re hitting up early garage sales, we have a little more time to wake up.

In those moments I find myself catching up on articles, videos, or other interesting Internet finds. Starting today and on most Saturdays I’ll pass those along to you here.

Welcome to the 1st Edition of Saturday Morning Coffee:


Relevant had a great 2-part series this week:

8 Types of Women You Should Never Date

10 Guys You Should Never Date


Solid Dose of Internet Cuteness

Mom Sews Incredibly Accurate Disney Costumes for her Daughter to Wear at Disney World (pictures are awesome!)


What You Should Tell Your Teen (and yourself) about Kim Kardashian by Annie F Downs


Unless you have been living under an Internet-proof rock you have heard the buzz surrounding Kim Kardashian’s latest round of nude photos. Annie writes a great article directed toward girls and women who feel the daily pressure of living up to a fake and impossible standard.

Movie: The Good Lie (tonight’s date night flick)

After Losing 160 Pounds, Man Strips Down To Show Excess Skin, His Biggest Insecurity (no nudity)

Daniel Radcliffee Raps Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics”

If you find something you think should make it on next week’s Saturday Morning Coffee you can always e-mail me: hillcsteven@gmail.com


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