saturday morning coffee

Every Saturday morning I make a full pot of coffee, a little more than usual.

Most weekday mornings find me nursing my first cup as I get ready and then filling up a to-go mug on the way to work.

But Saturdays are different. Unless we’re hitting up early garage sales, we have a little more time to wake up.

In those moments I find myself catching up on articles, videos, or other interesting Internet finds. I’ll share my best finds with you here.

Welcome to saturday morning coffee.

Catching Kayla

Watch the remarkable story of Kayla Montgomery, one of the nation’s best young long distance runners who also has multiple sclerosis. Every time she crosses the finish line she endures several minutes of extreme distress as she struggles to regain feeling in both her legs.

Lammily vs. Barbie

Watch how a 2nd grade class reacts to Lammily, a realistic doll reflecting the true dimensions of a woman, including stretch marks and acne. Pay special attention to the type of careers the 2nd graders think the Lammily doll would obtain when compare to the Barbie doll.


Pentatonix might actually break the Internet with their version of, “Mary Did You Know?”




Shortly after the announcement of the Ferguson decision, one of my friends and co-workers posted this photo of his two sons with the simple caption, “brothers.”



If you find something you think should make it on next week’s Saturday Morning Coffee you can always e-mail me: hillcsteven@gmail.com

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