saturday morning coffee

Every Saturday morning I make a full pot of coffee, a little more than usual.

Most weekday mornings find me nursing my first cup as I get ready and then filling up a to-go mug on the way to work.

But Saturdays are different. Unless we’re hitting up early garage sales, we have a little more time to wake up.

In those moments I find myself catching up on articles, videos, or other interesting Internet finds. I’ll share my best finds with you here.

Welcome to saturday morning coffee.


NYC Dumps Old Subway Cars into Atlantic Ocean…and it’s good for the environment?


The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority has been dumping retired subway cars into the Atlantic for years now. Thousands of old subway cars have been shoved off a barge to rust away on the ocean floor. The program actually creates habitats for marine life from Georgia to New Jersey.

New York photographer Stephan Mallon captured this creative reef program in stunning photographs.


Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History


The BBC Flew a Drone over Auschwitz – and the Result is Haunting

The 70th anniversary of its liberation was last Tuesday. If you haven’t read Night by Elie Wiesel yet, get it NOW. You can read it in one sitting. My friend, Pastor Jeff Gravens, read it last week for the first time. Read his short reflection, “God in the Gallows.”


 Saved By the Bell Reunion – Jimmy Fallon

Pure 90’s gold.

Yes, Lisa’s missing, but she never goes outside anymore and everyone hates Screech in real life.


The Freedom Project

This is incredible, a program that helps convicts redesign their crude prison tattoos into beautiful works of art. This gives them better chances to heal, obtain and secure a job, and transition back into society upon their release. Beautiful.

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