saturday morning coffee

Every Saturday morning I make a full pot of coffee, a little more than usual.

Most weekday mornings find me nursing my first cup as I get ready and then filling up a to-go mug on the way to work.

But Saturdays are different.

On Saturdays I find myself catching up on articles, videos, or other interesting Internet finds. I’ll share my best finds with you here.

Welcome to saturday morning coffee.

Husbands of Instagram

  • “Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me…and a brick wall.”
  • “I’m basically a human selfie stick.”
  • “We take so long to get anywhere…because we’re taking pictures of our feet.”

This might be the best YouTube video I’ve seen all year. HILARIOUS.


Unfollow: How a Prized Daughter of the Westboro Baptist Church Came to Question its Beliefs.


I’ve written about Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church before. They are a tragic but fascinating family and are not true representatives of orthodox Christianity. In his 10,000 word essay in the New Yorker, Adrian Chen presents a compelling profile of one of Phelps granddaughters, Megan, who went from the church’s social media darling and PR whiz kid to questioning her oppressive upbringing and eventually leaving the church (although I would substitute the word “cult” for “church”).

Chen’s article is fascinating because he explores the role Twitter had in allowing Megan to first question what she previously never had. As Megan was defending the church’s harsh stances on Twitter, she began to build genuine friendships with people who helped and challenged her. (See: What the Church Can Learn From Facebook)

Hello from the Motherside – Adele Parody on Parenting Struggle

This video is awesome for a lot of reasons, but what you might not know is the creator, Emily Mills, lives in my hometown of Waco, TX and created an amazing ministry for women in the sex industry called Jesus Said Love.


You Ain’t No Muslim, Bruv

Two days after a knife attack in a London subway station left one man seriously injured and prompted a terrorism investigation, Prime Minister David Cameron praised the reaction of one bystander, who told the attacker, “You ain’t no Muslim, bruv.”

The hashtag #YouAintNoMuslimBruv took off on Twitter as Muslims all over the world condemned radical actions like this. Just like Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church don’t accurately represent Christianity, radical people like the one behind this knife attack do not accurately represent Islam. (See: An Open Letter to American Muslims from a Christian Pastor)


31 Rolls of World War II Film Discovered and Developed

What an incredible find! All rolls were shot by an American WWII soldier. You can skip to 5:50 if you want to skip the part about how they were developed and just see the photos instead (from the Rescued Film Project).


The Minimalist Christmas Gift Guide


How to avoid the frenzy of gift-giving by giving gifts that actually matter. Stop swapping neck ties with people you don’t even like and actually enjoy the holidays!

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