Stop Believing This Lie

I’m consistently disappointed when I expect something fake to satisfy like something real.

Like the McRib. I love the McRib.

Except I don’t. But every time it comes around, I have to have it.


Maybe it’s the clever marketing. Maybe it’s the way it only comes around every now and then. Maybe it’s how I always seem to find a friend who’s stupid/curious enough to want to embark on this culinary adventure with me.


(The above picture is a real picture taken by a McDonald’s employee while unpacking cases of frozen McRibs)

But here’s my problem with the McRib: it’s wildly disappointing…every time. Every time I’ve had it, I regret it. The expectations I allow myself to build up are never met.

Why don’t I love the McRib like I love a good rack of ribs? Because I believe the same lie we all believe in some area(s) of our lives: that something fake can satisfy like something real.

But fake can be so much more convenient than the real thing…

  • It’s easier to snag a drive-thru McRib than smoke a rack of ribs.
  • It’s easier to fake a friendship than be there for someone when it’s inconvenient.
  • It’s easier to give up than endure.
  • It’s easier to blow through money you don’t have than to stick to a budget.
  • It’s easier to follow attraction into whatever bed it takes you than to honor your vows to your spouse.
  • It’s easier to slack off when given trust by a boss instead of working hard no matter who’s watching.

We’ve got to stop believing the lie that fake is better just because fake is easier.

  • Don’t settle for being a fake friend.
  • Don’t settle for being a fake spouse.
  • Don’t settle for being a fake co-worker.
  • Don’t settle for being a fake version of who God made you to be.

If you want to read more about how the Gospel can help you upgrade your life from fake to real, check out Timothy Keller’s book, Prodigal God. You can purchase the book below:


Question: Is there a part of your life you need to upgrade from fake to real?

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