Sin Happens: Justin Bieber and God’s Question

When exactly does God’s love comes to us? At what point does Jesus decide to love us? Romans 5 says that Christ’s love comes to us WHILE…

  • “we were still weak” (v.6)
  • “we were still sinners” (v.8)
  • “we were enemies of God” (v.10)

I don’t understand this kind of love.

This would be like if right after Justin Bieber is arrested for drag racing while drunk in Miami, you chose THAT time to step out and say, “Justin Bieber is a serious, mature musician.” Nobody really thinks like that! Except 7th grade girls.


When the whole country is going, “I told you that guy was a loser.” 7th grade girls across the universe are banding together as one to support poor Justin Bieber, who they are convinced is a serious, mature musician. Nobody thinks like that.

And NOBODY loves like that, except Jesus.

And while God’s love is ABSOLUTELY unconditional, relentless, and never-ending, it’s also…

Perfect. Righteous. Just. Holy. Pure.

You know…all the things that we’re not apart from Jesus, right?

Sin has so twisted my heart and yours that we can’t even BEGIN to understand much less put into practice the awesome love of Jesus without grace stepping in and invading the darkness of our hearts.

We need to look at our spiritual parents, Adam and Eve, to see where sin begun, how it was passed down to us and how God can on one hand be unconditionally loving and inviting us to know Him yet all the while refusing to ignore sin.

Notice where sin begins for Adam and Eve. With a question, “Did God really say that?” (Genesis 3:1)

Here it’s a question asked by the serpent.

But it’s a question you and I ask in our hearts every day…

It’s the question I asked myself in high school when…

  • I made sports my God.
  • I cheated on that test – because that’s a little sin that doesn’t really count, right?
  • I sought all my self-worth in acceptance from others.
  • I went to that porn website because I knew I could just clear the search history and nobody would know.
  • I played this two-face game where I was one way at church and another way at school.

Did God really say that?

Because surely if God is good, then he would do whatever I wanted him to do. Love the kind of people I love. Hate the kind of people I hate.

Then we sin. And this is where it gets surprising. Growing up in an old-school church, I remember going to revivals and hearing about how much God hated me because of my sin. When Adam and Eve screw up, I expect God to scream at them, “What happened?!? You IDIOTS! You screwed up EVERYTHING! I hate you!”

But that’s not at all what happens. The angry revival God disappears when we actually…read the Bible. Whoa.

God’s response to Adam, Eve, and us when we’re found in our sin comes in the form of a question, “Where are you?”

It’s the question of a God who refuses to rain down hate on us because we screwed up his creation but it’s ALSO the question of a God who REFUSES to ignore sin.

Refusing to ignore sin is the MOST loving thing God can do for us.

How will you respond to God’s love today? Where are you?

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